Style for Women in Company

During my vlog I talk to Phoebe the young female creator of Gormley and Gamble and find out how she is smashing though barriers and bringing female fashion to historical Savile Row.

When I fulfilled Phoebe it was for her to show me her tailoring skills and answer an age old concern of how to look great at work. In that time, I got to understand a bit more of Phoebe and her story and it was really excellent and the sort of thing a fellow entrepreneur would love to share. Here is my summary and some of her own words about her journey in company.


Eva Marie Goals to Combine WWE Women s Department With Paris Fashion Week

The WWE is once again concentrated on turning their women’s department legit by providing them more broadcast to battle. A lot of the female superstars are seeking to go far for themselves. Total Divas star Eva Marie differs from other super stars because she is looking to bridge the spaces in between female style and professional wrestling.

She is former design that sold the runway for the wrestling ring, Eva Marie’s journey through the ranks of WWE’s Divas division was very first narrated on the hit E! reality series, Total Divas. There, she navigated personal and expert challenges in an attempt to end up being the department’s face. Eva Marie just recently talked with to hype the season finale of Total Divas. Here are some highlights from that interview on .



Demand for shoes, women's fashion spur Puma to 4-per-cent development

Footwear sales and development in women’s styles have assisted German sportswear company Puma grow by 4 percent year-on-year, according to first quarter information launched Friday.

The company saw 25.8 million euros (29.5 million dollars) in revenues for the very first quarter, besting the 24.8 million euros for the exact same time period in 2015. Revenues increased 3.7 percent to 852 million euros.

The company said it anticipated even much better figures ahead, thanks to multiple vital sporting occasions this year, including Copa America, the UEFA Euro 2016 championships and the Olympic Games in Rio.